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Consult on your Data Strategy

Our team will study where the data resides (ERP, PLM, Legacy software, desktop applications, hard drives, excel,flat files, web feeds, text files, emails etc..) and we will define a plan to bring all the relevant data together to create a " Single Point of Truth".

Data Discovery

We will study the data to find realtionships and evaluate the missing pieces needed for a comprehensive study. We will check the enteties residing in your databases in detail to figure out the best possible approach to make this raw data into useful information.

Data Cleanup

We know that data is never clean. Data could be incorrect, in different format, could be missing, might be an outlier etc.. We will study this and clean yp the data to make it suitable for running any alogorithm on it.

Data Anlaytics

After the initial analysis and cleanup, we will perform stastical analysis to forecast or for getting a better insight into the raw data.

Implement Solution/Train

We will then help your team in implementing this solution inhouse or on the cloud so that you as business users willbe able to run this kind of slicing and dicing of data yourselves.