With us, you do not need to hire a specialised Data Scientist or implement expensive BI tools to get all the benefits of gathering insight from your data. We provide Data Analytics to anyone rich in data and needs insight. Give us your business goals and the corresponding data and let us do the rest. See below for few examples.

How to use data to win more projects?

Our algorithm will use the data already existing in your organization to build a comprehensive model that will help in predicting the possibility of winning your quoted projects. A win-loss algorithm will give your organization a tremendous boost in forecasting the future work loads based on an accurate understanding of the future project pipeline. Continue reading

How do I get more customers to my restaurant?

The POS data is a gold mine if used correctly. We can provide insight into your data.

POS data contains valuable data that can be harnessed to make future decisions like Which dish has the best profit margin?, What times of the day are the most profitable?, What your man power needs will be? What coupon beings in the most customers? Is your campaign working?

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How do I reduce my supply chain risks?

Data from various sources can be bought together to provide insight into how a supplier ranks under corporate risk strategy. Data like purchase orders, contracts, capacity information, distance of the Manufacturing location to the assembly plant, vendor performance data, Is the manufacturing location in a earthquake zone? Political stability of the region, Financial viability of the Vendor, Quality scores of the vendor can be used to predict supplier risk. Any relevant data that has a common entity can be merged together to predict the risk they pose. Continue reading

How to optimize marketing efforts?

It is a known fact that directed marketing is the way of the future. You need to optimize the reach of your marketing efforts. We can look at your product, service , demographics, mode of marketing, social media and other attributes to help you create a model to market to the cutomers who have the highest probability to buy your product or services. Each product or service needs its own unique model to generate the best possible targeted customers.

Targeted marketing is one of our speciality. We will provide the best custom solution for your business.

How can I reduce engineering hours?

Often in engineering, the tasks involved are repetitively engineering similar parts for different programs. The engineers after a while have a good feel for what works and what does not. We use the data produced from all these engineering activites to provide the same feel for what works and what does not. This is data driven and does not include assumptions, so will be easily acepted by the engineering community.

All the data produced from years of engineering similar parts can be easily leveraged to engineer the the next part without actually going through engineering process.

How to increase my sales online and offline?

Analytics will give you a leg up on your competition. You can understadn your client demographics, the conversion rates. content performance, campaign performance and also social media performance. We also provide abandoned shoppig cart analytcs and this insight will provide you indepth understading and the tools to reach out to them to make a successful sale.

Analytics and insight will be help your business have a great and successful online presence.

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight. Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hp